FPA Medical Professional FAQs

FPA Medical Professional FAQs

If your specific questions aren’t here, please do not hesitate in contacting us on email fpadirect@fpa.org.uk or by phone on 020 76085240. We’ll be happy to help.

Yes. You can have your leaflets sent to as many different addresses as you like. But you will need to pay the postage for each delivery address depending on the units sent, postage costs will differ.
Yes. Postage is applicable on all orders and is set to £6.48 for 1-15 units and £11.88 for 16-35 units. A single unit (usually) constitutes a pack of leaflets. We reserve the right to amend shipping costs at any time
No. You can order the leaflets you need at the time that suits you. You will need to pay the set postage each time which depends on number of units ordered.
Maximum of 35 units. 1 unit is 50 of the same leaflets.

It's simple, as long as you have the correct membership level. Log in to your membership account. Navigate to the leaflet you'd like to download and you'll find a download button on the page (see example below). Once you press the download button the leaflet automatically starts to download to your device. You can open the leaflet (pdf) from the bottom of your browser or locate it in your downloads folder and open to view.

You can also download leaflets from a list here under the professional resources page.

Where to locate the download file.




You can only print a leaflet (pdf) if you have an active Gold or Platinum membership to FPA Professional. If you cannot print your leaflet and would like to, please upgrade your membership and download a licenced version of the leaflet.

Yes. With a couple of exceptions. Your discount does not apply to our PSHE approved educational resource, Growing up with Yasmine and Tom and books.
Once you have registered your Membership, log in to activate your discount. Simply shop as normal adding your chosen products to the cart. Your discount will be automatically applied (see example). Member discounts highlighted To use your allocated credit to purchase your leaflets at the checkout (Platinum Members only), apply your credit to your order using the button in the example below. This appears at the checkout page as pictured below. Applying credits to a leaflet order in a Platinum Membership

Purchasing your membership is simple. Follow the steps here.

First, log in to your account, this activates your credits online. Then visit the FPA shop and shop as normal, adding the desired leaflets to your cart. When you checkout you will have the option to use your credits to checkout (Platinum Members only). Apply your credit to your order using the button in the example below. This appears at the checkout page as pictured below. Applying credits to a leaflet order in a Platinum Membership
We're sorry, but no. Once your membership expires, so does your access and licence to reproduce FPA leaflets. Be sure to renew your membership and ensure you keep uninterrupted access to our Gold Standard patient information leaflets, which are updated and reviewed periodically to ensure the best clinical guidance is maintained.
Sharing FPA Intellectual Property is strictly forbidden. Permission to use and reproduce FPA literature is obtained under licence through our Memberships. Each licence extends to the membership owner (or practice/surgery/clinic). Please also note that reproducing or distributing FPA content without our permission could mean you will be in breach of our copyright - see FPA copyright for details.
The discount you receive will depend on your membership level. Gold Membership entitles you to 5% discount, whereas Platinum Membership entitles you to 10% discount on selected items. The discount does not apply to PSHE approved resource, Growing up with Yasmine and Tom and books. Your discount is activated when you log in to your professional account and is automatically applied to qualifying products and services. Member discounts highlighted
We're sorry, no. Postage is at a set rate of £6.48 for 1-15 units and £11.88 for 16-35 units and does not include your membership discount. We reserve the right to amend shipping costs at any time.

Absolutely. FPA leaflets are reviewed periodically in order to maintain the Gold Standard in Sexual and Reproductive Health information. They endure a rigorous quality control process to ensure they follow the most up to date and renowned U.K clinical guidance. With this in mind, be sure to download digital copies frequently to make sure you have the most up to date version.

Yes. If you have selected the Direct Debit option when registering your membership. If you haven't subscribed via Direct Debit, you will be notified of your impending membership expiry, so you can renew in plenty of time.

Renewing your membership annually will ensure that you receive uninterrupted access to the latest FPA information. You can upgrade your membership at any time. You cannot downgrade your membership until it expires.

There is a 14-day cancellation period if you do not wish to continue. Cancelling your membership will mean you lose access and licence to print any information you may have downloaded.

Unused credit will expire at the end of each membership period. Therefore we encourage you to maximise your membership by ensuring that you use all your allocated credits. Unused credit cannot be reinstated once expired.