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About You Before Two

Let’s be honest… chatting to teenagers about sexual health is not easy.

Step forward Dr Rebecca Foljambe and Dr Naomi Sutton – the lead creators of You Before Two and the friendly faces you see on the Sexual Health Essentials videos.

Their high-quality, relevant, frank and fun teaching resources have had great feedback from teachers and pupils.

While the You Before Two charity closed in March 2024, the Family Planning Association are proud to be the new custodians of these fantastic sexual health lessons.

Sexual Health Essentials by You Before Two

Relevant, Frank and Fun Educational Films

“The aim of the resource is to deliver relevant, frank and fun educational films and lesson plans to secondary school aged students, on issues such as sexual consent, healthy relationships and family planning.

“These educational areas cannot be taught in separate pieces, as all are closely linked. An event in one area, in particular an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy can then disrupt all the other areas of that young person’s life.

“We teach choice and the importance of healthy bodies and relationships.”

Dr Becky Foljambe

2024 changes to the teaching resource names but not the great materials

The two sexual health resources created by You Before Two have been put together in a single annual membership on FPA called “Sexual Health Essentials”

The resources content remains unchanged:

Core Sexual Health Facts

(old name “Fundamentals”)

Aimed at students in Year 9 upwards (age +13) and contains 5 lessons.

Contraceptive Choices

(the name remains “Contraceptive Choices”)

Aimed at students in Year 11 upwards (age +15) and contains 2 lessons.

Take a look at how Dr Rebecca Foljambe and Dr Naomi Sutton help teachers connect with pupils and with their high-quality, relevant, frank and fun teaching resources:

Why “You Before Two”?

You Before Two was created to encourage all young men and women to respect and protect themselves (the “you”), before considering entering into a serious relationship or having a baby (the “two”)

You Before Two asks young people to consider our places on the planet, not just in our homes.

Boys encouraged to take sexual health responsibility

You Before Two encourages boys to take sexual health responsibility from the moment they start having sex.

Boys and men may only be able to wear a condom, but the potential burden of an unplanned pregnancy should be shared equally, to prevent pressure being piled on young women.

If men and boys share this responsibility, we can continue to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies. Child pregnancy rates are as high as 20 per 1,000 under 18s in parts of England with around 50%-70% of these resulting in abortions.

About the makers of Sexual Health Essentials

Dr Rebecca Foljambe MBBS BSc DRCOG DFSRH MRCGP is an NHS GP with an additional qualification in sexual health and family planning.

She graduated as a doctor from UCL in 2003 where she also obtained a degree in Speech Science and Communication Psychology.

She has an avid interest in women’s health and a general love of teaching patients how to look after themselves better without too much need for doctors!

She was Vice-Chair of the Board for Population Matters (PM) for 5 years, a charity dedicated to addressing gender inequality, improving contraceptive access to all who need it and building education and awareness of global issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss. She continues to be very involved with PM.

Becky fundamentally believes that children’s relationships are being negatively impacted by mis and dis-information around sexual health online. She feels children’s access to porn, often violent porn from a young age is also an extremely damaging influence on how they make relationship decisions in later life. This powered Becky forward in founding Health Professionals for Safer Screens in April 2024.

She is also an Ambassador for the Family Planning Association where all You Before Two (founded by Becky in March 2019) resources are now held.

Dr Rebecca Foljambe
Dr Rebecca Foljambe

Dr Naomi Sutton MBChB FRCP DFSRH Dip GUM Dip HIV

Graduated from Sheffield Medical School in 2003 and has been working in the field of sexual medicine since 2007.

Currently working as an NHS Consultant Physician at Rotherham Sexual Health Services.

Throughout her career she has developed a passion for education and raising awareness of sexual health, both for health professionals and the general public.

Naomi starred in series 1 and 2 of the E4 TV series ‘The Sex Clinic’ which “helps young people get their sex lives back on track” and, as well as other media roles, she has talked frankly about vulvas, sex in old age, HIV and other sexual health subjects, on C4’s ‘Steph’s Packed Lunch’.

She believes that fun, clear and accurate education is key to combating the struggles she sees people presenting with in her clinics.

Naomi is proud to be a Trustee for the charity Saving Lives UK, a charity which exists to raise awareness of HIV and STI testing and reduce associated stigma, and is an Ambassador for both Eve Appeal and the Family Planning Association.

Dr Naomi Sutton
Dr Naomi Sutton