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Use Condoms! (please)

FPA Medical Professional

A one year membership that gives your organisation:

  • A new and simple way to share access to over 30 easy read digital guides with your patients, and
  • A discount on the FPA’s Patient Information booklets

The Gold Standard of Patient Information

  • Peer reviewed
  • Developed following extensive consumer research
  • In line with up-to-date, evidence-based guidance
  • Plain English
  • Regularly reviewed
  • Users browse anonymously
  • Mobile friendly
  • We'll tell you about clinical updates

Guides cover contraception, STI, abortion, pregnancy, birth and menopause – see the full range of guides below.

Would you like a Live Demo / Quick Chat?

Most demos take 20-30 minutes. Please contact us with a few times/dates that work for you.

How does membership work?

  • When you buy a membership the FPA will email you a set of "Patient Information Links" customised for your organisation. This includes:
    • 1 link to the "Library Page" where you are can access all the guides
    • +30 links, i.e. a link to each individual Patient Information guide
  • Members can share the Patient Information Links with the patients/pupils of their organisation
  • Membership is bought on an organisation-by-organisation basis rather than membership for individual clinicians, teachers, patients or pupils
  • Membership lasts for 1 year. After that you can renew your membership. If you prefer not to renew please note that any links shared with patients/pupils will stop working

The Library

Below - a screenshot of the library page.

Members get links to each individual guide as well as a link to the library where members, patients and pupils can easily access all guides.

FPA Medical Professional: The Library of Digital Guides

Patients and pupils browse anonymously

  • It's important your patients and pupils can browse the guides anonymously
  • To read the guides they do not need to create an account with FPA, log in to FPA.org.uk or pass any personal data to FPA
  • FPA adds passwords to the links we give you and this gives patients/pupils simple access to the guides without the need for any logins

Which membership do I need?

Prices are designed to be proportionate to your patient numbers, usage, and whether you can add links to the Patient Information to your website.

E.g. an annual membership is just £99 for a single GP Surgery, pharmacy or school, £299 for a typical Primary Care Network and £699 for a standalone sexual health clinic.

  • Schools and Further Education
    • Secondary school - for a single secondary school choose a "Local" membership
    • Multi-Asset-Trust or similar - if you are part of a MAT or similar - please contact us so we can offer a discount per school
    • Further education - please contact us for a quote
    • Please note, this product is not suitable for Primary schools. For age appropriate RSHE materials please see our Yasmine and Tom RSHE resource
  • GP Surgery
    • If you are single surgery choose a "Local" membership
    • For PCNs, see below
  • Pharmacy
    • If you are single pharmacy choose a "Local" membership
    • If you are part of a pharmacy chain please contact us so we can offer a discount per pharmacy
    • For PCNs, see below
  • PCN (Primary Care Network)
    • For PCNs with 2 or less surgeries, it's cheaper for you to buy 2 "Local" memberships - see above.
    • For PCNs with 3 to 7 surgeries - choose a "Network" membership
    • For PCNs with 8 or more surgeries - please contact us for a quote
  • Clinics (GUM, STI, sexual health, abortion, fertility etc.)
    • If you are single standalone clinic choose a "Clinic" membership
    • If your clinic is part of a chain, group or network, please contact us so we can offer a discount per clinic
    • If your clinic is part of a hospital, Trust, Care Board or similar, please contact us for a quote
  • Trust and Care Boards
    • Prices will vary according to the size of the Trust/Care Board and whether you'd like to add links to the Patient Information to your website. Please contact us for a quote
  • Other organisations
    • Pharmacy chains, private healthcare, Multi Academy Trusts and other commercial organisations - please contact us for a quote
    • Likewise, if your organisation is not listed above - please contact us for a quote

Annual membership fees, booklet discounts and permission to share

  • Below - a table showing how you can share links to the Patient Information, discounts and membership fees
  • Membership fees are designed to be proportionate to your patient numbers, usage, and if you want to add links to the patient information to your website.
  • If you are not sure what membership you need or if you would like a demo - please contact us
Membership Tier Share via email? Share via txt? Share via QR code? Share via website? Who Should Buy Booklet Discount Annual Membership Fee


Suitable for a single GP surgery or pharmacy. 10% £99


Suitable for a single secondary school.
Schools can also add links to patient information guides to the school intranet.
10% £99


GP surgeries
Pharmacies subject to membership terms
Suitable for Primary Care Networks with 3 to 7 GP surgeries.
If you have less than 3 surgeries, it's cheaper to buy 2 single "Local" Memberships. If there are more than 7 GPs in your network then please contact us for a quote.
10% £299


Subject to membership terms Suitable for standalone clinics e.g. GUM, STI, sexual health, pregnancy, abortion, fertility clinics etc.)

If your clinic is part of a chain, group or network, please contact us so we can offer a discount per clinic

If your clinic is part of a hospital, Trust, Care Board or similar, please contact us for a quote.

15% £699


Subject to membership terms If you are a Trust, Care Board or similar - please contact us for a quote 20% £POA


Subject to membership terms Bespoke packages for pharmacy chains, private healthcare, Multi-Academy Trusts, commercial organisations etc please contact us for a quote.

Likewise, if you'd like to give your patients / pupils access to our patient information and your organisation doesn't fit into the groups above please contact us.

Up to 15% £POA

Important: All guides are provided as general information

All guides are provided as general information and FPA does not offer advice. Patients and pupils should contact their doctor, practice nurse or sexual health clinic if they are worried or unsure about anything.

All guides contain links for where patients and pupils can seek more help on that topic.

Prohibited sharing and reproduction

FPA receives no government or charitable funding. If the Patient Information is shared for free outside of memberships then we cannot afford to keep it up-to-date or create new guides.

The membership is designed so it’s easy for you to share Patient Information with YOUR patients or pupils.

The following is prohibited:

  • Adding links to Patient Information on third party websites/platforms
  • Sharing links to Patient Information via social media

Tip: If your membership lets you add Patient Information Links to your website and you would like to promote your Patient Information access to patients, please direct social media users to your website.

The following is also prohibited:

  • Re-selling, sub-licencing or redistributing the Patient Information or links in any way other than as allowed in the membership terms and conditions
  • Copying, plagiarising, printing otherwise reproducing the Patient Information except where you are allowed single print-offs for a patient or pupil

Details of the above restrictions can be read in clause 6 of the membership terms and conditions.

Technical restrictions for some patients/pupils

Remember: Clinicians and teachers are allowed to print off single copies of guides for patients and pupils.

  • Parental controls: If patients/pupils have parental controls switched on via their browser, mobile phone or mobile phone provider then the parental controls can block access to the guides. If the parental control is just via WIFI or mobile data provider then some users will be able to get access if they either switch WIFI on or off.
  • Old browsers: the FPA platform uses the recommended TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 encryption standard for secure platforms and therefore patients/pupils using browsers released before 2014 may not be able to access the FPA platform.

Patient Information Booklets

To take the guesswork out of ordering the right volumes some printed STI guides are now combined into one leaflet. E.g. “Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea & NGU”

Our combined leaflets give clinicians and patients the same in-depth level of information in one simple leaflet.