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23rd November, 2011

Responding to the publication of the revised clinical guidelines on abortion practice, ‘The Care of Women Requesting Induced Abortion’

11th February, 2011

The Rosemary Goodchild Award 2011 will go to the writer of the best newspaper or magazine article on sexual health issues published between 1 January and 31 December 2010.

This award is worth £500 to the winner and is given in recognition of the important role journalists play in

20th January, 2011

You may have read an article in The Independent about a supply shortage of the contraceptive pills Cerazette, Mercilon and

13th January, 2011

In a statement supporting the forthcoming bpas High Court challenge to the current interpretation of the 1967 Abortion Act which denies women the choice of taking early medical abortion (EMA) medication at home, Julie Bentley, Chief Executive, FPA, said

“FPA is supportive of this legal

11th January, 2011

A pioneering new mobile information service from GoGetInfo for young people offers instant access 24/7 to confidential help and advice on the top ten issues they are likely to face.

The issues range from bullying and self-harm to sexual health topics such as emergency contraception and

5th January, 2011

Commenting on reports on the contraceptive implant, Natika H Halil Director of Information for FPA, said:

“Naturally, women hearing this will be worried, but it’s important to stress that this is an issue for a small number, and the vast majority of women with an implant shouldn’t have

14th September, 2010

The sexual health charity FPA is today warning of rising sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates and poor sexual health in groups of men and women aged over 50. This is going unnoticed, says FPA, because despite the over 50s being sexually active and starting new sexual relationships,

17th September, 2009

Alcohol is commonly seen as a factor in not using a condom with a new partner, regretting sexual activity and having sex with someone who would not normally be found attractive.

These are the results from new research published today by sexual health charity FPA. The charity wants to

4th August, 2008

Today, FPA launches It’s My Right! – a groundbreaking campaign for Sexual Health Week [1], about the rights of people with learning disabilities to have sex and relationships. As part of the week FPA is releasing the results of surveys of people


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