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1. Did Yasmine and Tom enable you to effectively teach Relationships Education (RSE) at your school?
2. If you answered 'no', please provide a short explanation as to why.
3. How many times a year do you teach RSE?
4. Which term do you usually teach RSE in?
5. How many teachers have used Yasmine and Tom?
6. How did the children respond to Yasmine and Tom lessons?
7. Were there any lessons that were difficult to teach due to the nature/content?
8. Would soft toy characters of Yasmine and Tom (aged 6) be helpful at KS1?
9. What lessons, if any, would you like to see added to Yasmine and Tom?
10. If you could change one thing about Yasmine and Tom, what would it be?
11. Do you think the subscription price is...
12. Do you have any further comments?
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