Is this love?

Domestic violence and relationship abuse

The FPA Is This Love? project aimed to reduce the number of young people in, or at risk of, an abusive relationship

The project ran for two years in partnership with the youth homelessness charity Centrepoint and funded by Comic Relief.

We are currently seeking funding to provide similar specialist services.

Why services like this are needed

Homeless young people are some of the most disadvantaged and socially excluded in our society.

Previous FPA projects have highlighted that some young people have high tolerance for emotional abuse, which puts them at the risk of experiencing other forms of abuse in their personal relationships.

Domestic abuse or violence is often one of the reasons that young people leave home and need support from Centrepoint.

We think it's vital to educate, support and encourage young people to have healthier relationships free from abuse.

Who we helped

Is This Love? supports homeless 16–25 year olds, living in Centrepoint's temporary accommodation, who have experienced relationship abuse.

The project was delivered at Centrepoint services across London.

What young people said about This Is Love?

“I learnt that being controlled should not be an option.”

“It showed me what is normal and not normal in a relationship.”

“I got to understand and express how I feel.”

How it worked

We ran sessions for small groups of young people to explore issues around domestic violence and abusive relationships.

We helped them identify healthy and abusive relationships, including spotting the warning signs, developing communication skills, self esteem and confidence and managing risky situations.

Project aims and outcomes

Homeless young people:

  • Gained support to understand and deal with abusive relationships.
  • Were better able to manage risky relationship and sexual situations.
  • Got help to develop better coping strategies.
  • Found out how to access helpful services.
  • Were equipped with healthy self-esteem and effective communication skills.

Is This Love? for professionals

FPA also delivered training for Centrepoint staff on domestic violence and relationship abuse.

The training equipped staff to recognise the signs of abuse and be more knowledgeable and confident about supporting young people on abuse in personal or sexual relationships.