Sexual Health Guides for Schools

Sexual Health Guides for Schools

Use Condoms! (please)

Please note this page covers products intended to help secondary secondary and further education.

For age appropriate help in primary schools please see our primary schools RSHE resources.

New Digital Contraception, STI and Health Guides for Schools

Helping teachers tackle tricky topics with clinically correct and easy-read sexual health information.

Our guides were originally developed as “patient information guides” to help sexual health professionals however they’ve proved very popular with schools and further education establishments too.

What are the Digital Contraception, STI and Health Guides?

A full range of guides covering different types of contraception, STIs as well as other difficult topics like abortion.

For a full list of guides – see below.

Each guide is:

  • Peer reviewed
  • Developed following extensive consumer research
  • In line with up-to-date, evidence-based guidance
  • Plain English
  • Regularly reviewed
  • Answers frequently asked questions

Membership / Licence Cost:

  • £99 for a single school
  • If you’re a MAT or similar – please contact us for pricing.

How does it work?

Membership is bought by a schools or organisation rather than membership for individual teachers or pupils
Members are allowed (given a licence) to share links to the patient information with the staff and pupils of their school.

Once you’ve bought a membership the FPA will activate a set of patient information links for your school so you get:

  • 1 link to the Library page with all guides
  • +30 links, i.e. links to each individual guide

You can share the guides with pupils via:

  • Email
  • Text message
  • QR code – e.g. for a poster
  • School website
  • School Intranet

Membership lasts for 1 year. After that you can renew your membership. If you prefer not to renew – that’s fine but note that any links shared with patients will become inactive and stop working.

Personal Data is NOT Collected

It’s important your pupils can browse the guides anonymously.

To read the guides, pupils do not need to create an account with FPA, log in to or pass any personal data to FPA.

FPA adds passwords to the links we give you and this gives pupils simple access to the guides.

Can be used as “part of” PSHE / RHSE

  • The guides are not designed to be a full PSHE / RHSE resource
  • The guides are designed to give clear and correct information on each subject and so they may be used as a handy reference tool