An intuitive and lively interactive online teaching resource

Growing up with Yasmine and Tom is an online resource to help you easily deliver high-quality relationships and sex education as part of a PSHE programme.

From 2020, relationships education will be statutory in all primary schools in England.


The Department for Education recognises the need for RSE at all key stages and encourages schools to develop their own lesson content with support from expert sources. Growing Up with Yasmine and Tom was developed with this in mind.

It includes a series of flexible, age-appropriate lesson plans and fun, interactive whiteboard activities designed to meet curriculum requirements for children aged 5–11.

Animation, sound and touch-screen activities bring the characters Yasmine and Tom to life, as they cover topics including the body, feelings, relationships, family life and online safety.

The resource is accessed online and available on a yearly subscription basis.

A single subscription can be used by every teacher in school, making it a cost-effective resource that’s always up-to-date and never wears out, gets lost or needs replacing.

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How does Yasmine and Tom work?

Growing up with Yasmine and Tom is an online resource supplied to your school through an annual subscription. All the teachers at your school, or nurses in your school nursing team, can use a single subscription, making it an extremely cost effective resource.

There are no subscription restrictions, meaning it can be used by multiple staff at the same time.

There's an initial subscription fee of £299 for the first year to set up an account and access the resource and all supporting materials online. At the end of the year there's a renewal fee of £99 to keep using the resource for another year.

Why Yasmine and Tom?

To be most effective RSE needs to start early so that children learn to talk about feelings and relationships, and are prepared for puberty before it happens to them. Studies consistently show that the majority of parents want their children to receive appropriate relationships and sex education at school.

What teachers think

"A good experience. As a school we have adapted our RSE policy and practice"

“We chose Yasmine and Tom because it covered all the areas we thought should be included in a comprehensive RSE scheme of work. We had our Equality and Diversity Champions programme running at this time and it supported our work on Gender Stereotypes and Different families as well as our Safeguarding agenda. We also loved the way that it was so user friendly and visual. The fact that Yasmine and Tom are the same age as the age group they are addressing made it even more relevant to the children, especially as they were from a more ‘modern’ family with the makeup of families that many of our children would identify with.”

"This has transformed and updated our RSE programme – thank you for introducing us to a brilliant resource"

From 2020, relationships education will be statutory in all primary schools in England. How has your school planned for this statutory change?

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