We believe people should have access to the full choice of contraceptive methods so they can exercise their right to control their fertility and protect their sexual health.

Everyone should have comprehensive information and advice to help them choose the contraception that's best for them.

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Contraception news and activity

Emergency contraception does not cause abortion, July 2014

In response to a parliamentary question about Ulipristal acetate (the active ingredient in the emergency contraceptive pill EllaOne), the Secretary of State for Health emphasised that EllaOne is a method of contraception and does not cause an abortion and that this is recognised by law.

Under 16s and contraception, October 2012

The Daily Telegraph reported on the numbers of young women under 16 who have been given contraceptive implants and injections at school or at family planning clinics.

In response, Dr Dan Poulter MP (parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health) said “Young people under the age of 16 are legally able to access contraceptive and sexual health services and any advice given will be kept confidential. However, the health professional must always encourage a young person to talk to their parents about their sexual health.”

Dr Phillip Lee MP said he was concerned about greater promiscuity and sexually transmitted infections, saying “I’m prepared to accept it [contraceptive implants and injections in schools] but only if it reduces teenage pregnancy rates.”

Inquiry into contraceptive services access, April 2012

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health has launched an inquiry into restrictions in access to contraceptive services.

Accessing contraception services, March 2012

Our briefing highlights the importance of confidential, unrestricted access to contraceptive services.

FPA briefing on accessing contraception services (PDF).

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Response to NHS and public health White Paper, October 2010

We responded to the Government’s White Paper, which proposed changes to the NHS and public health services. We think the proposals will have an effect on contraception services.

Our response the White Paper, Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS (PDF)