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We are happy to consider requests to use our content on a case-by-case basis.

When do I need copyright permission?

You need our permission if you want to reproduce all, or any part, of a piece of content whether it’s digital or not and this includes written text, audio, video, images, posters or documents. This is the same whether you want to share the whole piece of content or to use part of our content in another piece of content – for example using an FPA web page in a conference presentation, or reproducing a poster in a book or website.

You must not upload or host our content on another platform – this includes any PDF copies of our leaflets and booklets as well as any other digital content.

Can I link to the FPA’s digital patient information?

Only FPA Medical Professional members can link to our patient information and any links are subject to the terms of the member’s license with us.

If you would like access to our digital patient information (including permission to link to the patient information guides), this is paid for, you need a license / membership. Click here for details.

When don’t I need copyright permission?

You may use quotes from us e.g. a quote from a press release or even the whole press release – but only as long as you credit us.

You don’t need our permission to link to any pages of unless they are password protected.

You will need a license from us if you want to link to password protected pages of

For the avoidance of doubt – our digital patient information guides are password protected and you cannot link to them without a license / membership – see patient information for more details.

If you’re not sure if you need permission please ask – thank you.

How do I request permission?

Just fill in the copyright permission form below, and return it to us.

Image copyright

Photos on this site are from a range of sources including FPA copyrighted material and stock photos used under license. Images of people are library images, posed by models, unless otherwise stated. We are unable to grant you permission to use any images that we don’t hold the copyright for.