Yasmine and Tom 1

Key Stage 1
  • I can describe some ways that boys and girls are similar or the same.
  • I know that there is more than one way to be a boy and more than one way to be a girl.
  • To be introduced to the theme and characters for this series of lessons.
  • To begin to be able to challenge gender stereotypes.
  • Introduction Video: Introducing Yasmine and Tom supported by teacher helpsheet B which provides background information on Yasmine and Tom.
  • Interactive whiteboard resource:Gender Stereotypes.
  • A range of toys and/or pictures of toys.
  • Labels ‘Boy’ ‘Girl’ ‘Both’ and set circles/hoops.
  • Relevant booklists can be found in various places such as the Stonewall website or LetterBox Library.

30 – 40 minutes.