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The FPA Speakeasy course gives parents and carers confidence to talk about growing up, sex and relationships with their children.

Studies have shown that the course increases parents' confidence and communication skills with their children, fosters a positive and open approach to discussions of sex, sexuality and sexual health and increases factual knowledge around sex and sexual health.

The result is that young people go on to demonstrate safer sexual behaviour and are at less risk of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

“...carers who have undertaken the Speakeasy course believe it has helped them enormously to communicate with young people effectively about sex and sexuality, gender identity and sexual health.”
OFSTED Inspection Report: Cambridgeshire County Council Fostering, June 2012


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How we can work with your organisation

We can train your staff to deliver the Speakeasy course to parents and carers. There are a number of flexible training options.

Who to contact

For more information contact:

Claire Lightley, Head of Training
Tel: 020 7608 5277
Email: [email protected]