'Bout Ye

Supporting young men in exploring sexual health issues

'Bout Ye was a community-based personal development sexual health project in Northern Ireland for young men under 25.

It ran from 1993–2015 and encouraged self-expression, open questioning and the sharing of experiences, and problems. It dispels myths many young men have heard about sex, sexuality and relationships.

Why this work is needed

Although FPA is no longer funded to run 'Bout Ye, it is vital that this type of service is provided to young men. Accurate information about sexuality and sexual health is often not readily available to young men, so they're unable to make informed choices or discuss what’s important to them.

Young people often talk about sex more than any other subject, but talking about it to people who can give them the information they need could be the most important decision they ever make.

How we worked

Our experienced project workers delivered personalised group work sessions. We encouraged open and frank discussion about the issues and concerns expressed by young men.

Workshops were tailored to meet the needs of the specific group, ranging from empowerment support groups to specific accredited training programmes.

Our work was based on participation and interactive group work. We covered the topics that were raised by the young men taking part. These included:

  • sexual health
  • sexual knowledge (biology, physiology, anatomy)
  • peer pressure
  • relationships
  • fatherhood
  • sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • contraception
  • technology and relationships
  • pornography (for example, porn versus reality)
  • sexual orientation
  • history of sex
  • sexuality.

We engage with young men and answer the questions they are concerned with as they are growing up, such as:

  • Is my penis normal?
  • How do you know if someone fancies you?
  • Why do I get an erection sometimes when I’m not even aroused?
  • Is it OK to masturbate?
  • Can you run out of sperm?
  • What makes a good snog?

Project aims and outcomes

'Bout Ye aimed to address the lack of information available to young men around sexual health and sexuality issues. After completing the programme young men had greater knowledge of the facts and greater confidence in themselves and their relationships.

How we were funded

Bout Ye was funded by the Public Health Agency until summer 2015.

Who to contact

For more information about this project, or to discuss working with FPA on similar projects please email Mark Breslin.