Connect clinics: Sexual health advice and support

We worked with the borough of Hackney to give people with learning disabilities better access to information, advice and support around relationships, sex and sexual health.

Why this project is needed

The Right Chice Connect Clinic logoPeople with learning disabilities can feel intimidated by mainstream sexual health services so FPA joined forces with Homerton Sexual Health Services (HSHS) to help create a specialised clinic that people will feel safe to visit.

The Right Choice clinic in Hackney, is part of the Connect Clinic scheme, which aims to make sexual health services more accessible for people with learning disabilities.

The original Connect clinic runs in Kingston at The Wolverton Centre.

Who we help

Find out more about the Right Choice Clinic in HackneyThe Right Choice Clinic will see anyone with a learning disability and can also advise the professionals, carers and parents who support people with learning disabilities.

About the Right Choice Clinic

The clinic is a specialised serviced offering appointments on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. It is based at the Ivy Centre at St Leonards Hospital. Please call for an appointment slot on 020 7683 4103.

An easy read leaflet that explains all about the service and how to get there is available.

More information about the Right Choice Clinic

Aims of the Right Choice Clinic

We will ensure that people with learning disabilities:

  • have access to good quality, accessible, non- judgemental information about sex, sexual health and relationships
  • have access to a free service
  • have adequate time with clinic staff to feel safe and informed
  • are looked after by trained professionals
  • are positively represented in any images or publicity we use
  • have the right to a private individual consultation if they wish
  • have information explained to them in a way they can understand
  • receive a friendly, accepting welcome into our building
  • have the right and the opportunity to complain if they are not happy.

How we're funded

The project was funded by The Healthier Hackney Fund through Hackney Public Health until March 2017. The clinic continues to run.

Who to contact about this project

To discuss this project, or working with FPA on a similar project contact:

Claire Lightley
Tel: 020 7608 5277
Email: [email protected]