Speakeasy facilitators

If you've been trained to facilitate the Speakeasy course for parents and carers this page is for you. It answers some of the common questions we're asked by facilitators.

If you're a parent or carer, see Speakeasy for parents and carers.

If you're interested in training as a Speakeasy facilitator, see Speakeasy facilitator training.

Speakeasy leaflets

Speakeasy information leafletOur information leaflet gives you advice on how to publicise your Speakeasy course. It includes a press release template to help you gain coverage in local media and encourage participation from parents.

Speakeasy information leaflet (PDF)

Our parent leaflet is a useful way to introduce parents to Speakeasy.

Speakeasy parent leaflet (PDF)

How to submit your group for accreditation

The next verification deadline for accreditation is Friday 31 August 2018.

Step 1 If it is the first course you have facilitated, contact your trainer – they will need to look at your portfolios first and the trainer will then liaise with the Speakeasy Team on your behalf.

Step 2 If you have delivered a Speakeasy course before, contact the Speakeasy team directly to discuss the portfolios you need to send in. Tel 020 7608 5277. Email [email protected].

Step 3 Get your paperwork together. Our facilitator checklist (PDF) will help you. You will need to print off and fill in a group registration form (Word) AND fill in a copy of our invoice form (Word) to send off with all of your other paperwork.

Step 4 If you have any queries about sending in portfolios contact the Speakeasy team. Tel 020 7608 5277. Email [email protected].

Step 5 Send only the portfolios required to Speakeasy, FPA, 23-28 Penn Street, London N1 5DL by the last Friday of each month to be submitted for accreditation.

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take for my group to receive their certificates?

We expect the minimum wait for certificates to be 12 weeks after each verification deadline as listed above. The process is:

  • Portfolios and paperwork are received by FPA and entered onto a Gateway Qualifications systems for the next verification cycle.
  • Immediately after the deadline for submissions all learner registrations are submitted to Gateway Qualifications.
  • After internal verification by FPA, the verifier contacts Gateway Qualifications to tell them which learners have achieved their awards.
  • Gateway Qualifications do their own internal checks to ensure that FPA is following the correct process, prints the certificates and returns them to FPA.

How much does accreditation cost?

FPA charges £40 per learner for Level 1 or Level 2 and £75 per learner for Level 3. Level 3 accreditation is for facilitators only. These costs cover FPA administrative costs, the internal verification process at FPA, and Gateway Qualifications registration and certification costs. There is an additional portfolio/certificate return fee of £15 per group.

How can I get extra FPA resources to use while facilitating courses?

Unfortunately, FPA is not able to provide resources free of charge, except those you receive during your training.

To order resources, contact FPA. Orders must be received in writing. Email [email protected] or write to FPA, 23-28 Penn Street, London N1 5DL.

Where will my portfolios and certificates be sent?

We will return your portfolios and certificates to the address of the first facilitator on the group registration form unless you clearly state an alternative address, or if there is a local Speakeasy contact who sends in portfolios for your area.