What parents and carers say about Speakeasy

The FPA Speakeasy course helps parents and carers talk to their children about growing up, sex and relationships.

Listen to what parents think about Speakeasy in the videos below. Captions are available.

What else have parents said?

“I came here with the attitude that I know it all, there’s nothing you can teach me, a woman of my age has nothing to learn. I learnt a lot, it’s worth it. It’s brilliant.”

“Really, really good; I thoroughly enjoyed it, bonding with other group members and picking up ideas, understanding each other … a group learning process.”

“I enjoyed all of the learning across the different areas, especially the development of children. I also learnt about the myths which I had in the back of my mind and those myths have been cleared now that I have learnt the facts.”

“It was nice to hear different views and talk openly about our experiences.”

More information about Speakeasy

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