FPA Achievers Club

In recognition of the many achievements that have been made in sexual health since FPA began and to celebrate our eightieth birthday, we launched the Achievers Club in 2010.

The Achievers Club recognises those who have made significant contributions over a number of years to improving the sexual health of the UK. This includes those who have worked for FPA and those who haven't.

Achievers Club membership currently stands at just over 100 people – see who they are below.

Information and nominations

For more information on the Achievers Club, or to nominate someone you think should be invited to join, please contact us by emailing [email protected]

Achievers Club members

List of FPA Achievers (PDF)

“Thank you for your invitation to become a member of the club. Working for FPA was a fascinating and moving experience, its system of updating and continued learning was ahead of its time. These and the enthusiasm of its staff must have speeded the acceptance of contraception into the NHS. An achievement FPA should be proud of.”
One of the Achievers