22nd May, 2018

FPA welcomes today’s announcement on compulsory, comprehensive and inclusive Relationships and Sexuality Education in Wales.

Although sex education is currently compulsory for secondary schools in Wales, it’s not required for primary education, and the guidance for what secondary schools should cover is limited and hasn’t been updated since 2010.

These planned changes to the 2022 curriculum in Wales will mean the subject – under its new name of Relationships and Sexuality Education – will be taught to children from the age of five.

Clearer guidance will be given to schools on what the subject should include, making it more comprehensive and inclusive, and training is planned for teachers.

Mel Gadd, coordinator of FPA’s Jiwsi project in North Wales – which delivers innovative sexual health and relationships education to vulnerable young people – said:

“It’s great to see funding being allocated for the training and resources that are needed to make Relationships and Sexuality Education effective. We hope this is just the beginning, and more funding will be invested in this incredibly important subject that has the capacity to transform young people’s lives in such a meaningful way.

“We also hope the new guidance will cover everything children and young people need to get the skills, information and confidence to manage healthy relationships – and ultimately their own sexual health and wellbeing.”