24th April, 2018

A broad coalition of sexual and reproductive health organisations, including FPA, have called on the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Jeremy Hunt to take action on the future of sexual health services.

It’s over four years since public health services, including sexual health and contraception, were made the responsibility of local authorities. Since then, there have been concerns that fragmented commissioning, a lack of accountability, and massive cuts to the public health budget have led to sexual health services either being closed, or reducing their staff, expertise and opening hours.

Following a consultation by the government on future arrangements for public health, a coalition of organisations – including FPA and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare – wrote to Jeremy Hunt MP. The letter, which you can read in full below, called for a number of actions, including changes to make sure that local authorities and commissioners can be properly held to account for the services they provide.

The letter also raised concerns that current unequal access to services could be widened, if the government’s proposal to fund public health through local business rates goes ahead in 2020, meaning that deprived areas could be worst hit.


Sexual health