25th April, 2018

A new report from Northern Ireland's Departments of Health and Justice has today called for changes to the strict law that prevents women from having an abortion even in cases of fatal fetal abnormality.

Ruairi Rowan, Senior Advocacy Officer for FPA in Northern Ireland, commented on the report:

FPA welcomes the publication of today’s report which acknowledges that the current legal constraints in Northern Ireland are placing an unacceptable burden on women’s health and that change is needed.

As part of our Pregnancy Choices Counselling Service we see clients who have been given a devastating diagnosis at their 20 week scan. If they choose to end their pregnancy they are forced to travel to another country, away from their support circle, and are then faced with having to transport fetal remains back home. This cannot be allowed to continue.

It is time to bring this outdated, ineffective and inhumane law into the 21st century. Criminal charges that do not apply to other forms of healthcare must be removed and no woman should be left behind.”