1st December, 2016

The Danish concept of “hygge” has exploded in the UK in the past year, with countless recipes, interior design, fashion and furnishings books and articles published on the subject.

But, as FPA’s Julie Arnaa, who hails from Copenhagen, explains, it is possible to take the principles of hygge and apply them to more intimate matters.

“There’s isn’t really a direct translation for hygge,” she said, “I’ve mostly heard it described here as cosiness, usually followed by descriptions of warm woollen jumpers, flickering candles and kicking back on some stylish Scandi furniture with a delicious Danish pastry.

“There’s no denying this could be hygge, if that’s what makes you feel good. For me, hygge has always been the joy of making the most of a situation, when you seize the moment, and most importantly, keeping life’s little pleasures at the heart of your daily life.”

This Christmas the charity, through its FPA Pleasure site, is helping people to apply the idea of hygge to the way they think about sex, sexual pleasure, and relationships.

Julie said: “One phrase we often use is ‘at hygge sig med’, which means, to do hygge with someone, including having sex. And it’s not just a word you can use when you’re with someone else or with a group of people.

“Hygge can be when you are alone, or in a huge crowd, it’s all about the way you feel.”

Christmas has the potential to be full of hyggeligt feelings, but it can also be a time of great stress, particularly with relationships. This can be made worse by the pressure to have the ‘perfect Christmas’.

FPA Pleasure’s top tips to feel more hyggeligt

  • If you’re feeling snowed under with Christmas plans, frantic shopping and family commitments, try and squeeze in some me time. Whether it’s taking a relaxing bath, reading something erotic, or hiding away from the world with your favourite sex toy, or even trying something new, like our luxurious new Lelo range, it’s important to move your mind to more pleasurable feelings.
  • The same goes for spending time with partners. Christmas can feel like a time of trying to please everyone else; keeping the kids happy and accommodating extended family. Before you know it, it’s back to work on a frosty January morning. Agree to indulge in the things you really enjoy and if you don’t feel 100% confident talking about your sex life, try these top tips for better communication.
  • Hygge is all about feeling like a moment in time is just perfect, but it can elude you if you chase it or try and force the situation. If you keep in mind what Christmas really means to you, take the time to really enjoy it, and in the midst of it all, just take a moment to let it all soak in. You might just feel a little hyggeligt.

Visit www.fpapleasure.co.uk for more ideas on improving your sexual enjoyment and wellbeing.