23rd January, 2019

New statistics published today be the Department of Health show that the number of abortions carried out in Northern Ireland is at an all-time low, with only 12 women able to access these services.

Since the publication of draft abortion guidance in 2013, which caused fear of prosecution among medical professionals in Northern Ireland, the number of abortions has continued to decrease. Meanwhile the number of women travelling from Northern Ireland to England has increased with the introduction of free treatment.

FPA’s Advocacy Manager, Ruairi Rowan, said:

“While change takes place across these islands abortion law in Northern Ireland remains stuck in the 19th century. It is now over two years since the collapse of the Northern Ireland Assembly. With no political resolution in sight, for how much longer will women’s reproductive rights be denied?

“FPA call on the UK Government to decriminalise abortion and ensure access to free, safe and legal abortion in Northern Ireland.”