Sexual health across the UK

A summary of current government sexual health policy in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Sexual health improvement framework

The government's Framework for Sexual Health Improvement was published in 2013.

FPA welcomed the publication of the framework but warned that there was no guarantee that local councils would act on the guidance.

Health and Social Care Bill

In March 2012 the Health and Social Care Bill completed all its legislative stages. Our briefing below summarises what the Bill means for sexual health services in England.

FPA briefing on the Health and Social Care Bill and sexual health services in England (PDF)


The current sexual health strategy in Scotland was published in 2005.

Respect and Responsibility: a strategy and action plan for improving sexual health focuses on improving the accessibility of sexual health services in Scotland and making sure that anyone that needs information on any sexual health issue can access it easily and quickly.


The Welsh Government published its current sexual health strategy in 2010.

Sexual health and wellbeing action plan for Wales 2010 to 2015 (PDF) focuses on reducing rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and tackling teenage pregnancy rates. A new National Advisory Board will monitor progress on the strategy.

Northern Ireland

Coming soon.

More information about the UK's sexual health

If you'd like more detailed information and statistics about the state of sexual health in the UK, have a look at our factsheets.

We also have Northern Ireland factsheets, covering relationships and sex education, teenage pregnancy, abortion and other key issues.