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Drunk Buster Goggles

Drunk Buster Goggles

Simulate the effects of alcohol, drugs or fatigue.
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Pharmacies to offer the Pill?

As many medical professionals will have seen - starting in December many women across England will be able to get...

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Couple hold condoms up and cover their eyes.

Sexual functioning and the effects of contraception

"I get asked, not infrequently, about a patients’ Contraception and whether it may be the cause of their sexual problems....

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Pregnant female holding her tummy

Sex and Pregnancy

"Not feeling like sex during pregnancy, post partum, post-pregnancy loss or post-termination is TOTALLY OK - AND VERY NORMAL!" Naomi Sutton. Whether...

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Child Peeps over Balloon, Surprised

Teaching puberty and the changing adolescent body.

It is now statutory for schools to teach children and young people about what to expect when they reach adolescence. What...

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Child peeping through window.

Teaching students (children and young people) how to ‘be safe’.

At the heart of the statutory guidance and teaching RSE is a focus on keeping children safe. The principle purpose...

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Child sat at desk online on a tablet.

What to teach on online relationships (cyber relationships) and behaviour for RSE

In a world where online interactions can't be avoided and children as young as primary age are navigating the internet,...

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A group of children giving a high five.

Guidance on teaching respectful relationships for RSE

What key stages? Lower Key Stage 2 (LKS2) and Upper Key Stage 2 (UKS2). As children mature they begin to develop...

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Childrens hand with hearts in them.

The essentials of teaching caring relationships in RSE

It is statutory for schools to teach children and young people about healthy and caring relationships. What key stages? Key Stage...

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