Payroll giving

The payroll giving or GAYE (Give As You Earn) scheme is the simplest tax-free way for individuals to donate directly to FPA.Your employees decide how much they would like to donate to us and your Accounts Department sets up the payment. It is then deducted automatically from the employee's gross pay or pension before income tax.

This form of giving really makes a difference to planning our future activities because we receive the money on a monthly basis. Many organisations have a £-for-£ scheme, some even a £2-for-£1 scheme, where they will match or double the amount the individual pledges.

A company's charitable donations are tax deductible so why not give the money to us instead of the taxman?

Just complete the form below and post it or email it back to us.

Download FPA payroll giving form (Word)

Further information

Email our fundraising team at [email protected].