UPDATED Speakeasy facilitator training

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The Speakeasy course for parents and carers has been delivered to over 15,000 parents since 2002. This year (2018) it has been updated and contains a new unit about talking to children about the digital world. 

It is a structured programme of accredited learning that helps parents and carers gain the knowledge and confidence they need to talk with their children about sex, relationships and growing up in an age-appropriate way.

The course is accredited by Gateway Qualifications (formerly Open College Network Eastern Region) .

Speakeasy facilitator training is designed to equip front-line parent support staff to deliver the accredted Speakeasy course for parents and carers. It is particularly suited to staff who have little or no previous experience of delivering group work around sexual health. Training is relaxed and activity-based.

The Speakeasy Facilitator’s Handbook supports the training and provides an in-depth resource including session plans, parent worksheets, handouts and suggestions for developing the work further. The training complies with the National Occupational Standards for work with parents.

What did previous participants say about this course?

"... gave me the tools to feel more confident to support a whole range of parents with wider views than I had previously experienced..."

"... the course reassured me that I have the skills and experience to run this programme..."

"... the trainer is clearly very experienced in the delivery of the Speakeasy programme. His experience, knowledge, skills and passion came across very well..."

100% of participants said that they felt more skilled, knowledgeable, and confident in communicating with parents and carers about issues of growing up, relationships and sexuality.

100% of participants said that they would recommend the course to other parenting practioners doing similar work.


You must already have groupwork experience before attending this course, for example through facilitating groups as part of your day-to-day work or through volunteer groupwork facilitatation experience. 

Each participant on this course is expected to set up and run an eight-session accredited Speakeasy course in between day two and day three and at least one parent on that course must be willing to gain accreditation at either level one or level two. Before attending this course, you should identify a group of parents with whom you can work soon after the second day of the course.

Participants will need to set aside time to prepare for each two-hour session which will include lesson planning, photocopying worksheets and handouts, and preparation of any additional resources.

Course aim

To equip participants to deliver and assess the accredited FPA Speakeasy course for parents and carers.

Learning outcomes

  • Become familiar with the key concepts of sexual health and development – especially as these relate to puberty changes.
  • Understand the role of parents in the delivery of relationships and sex education with particular attention to the inherent opportunities, challenges and the diversity of culture and values.
  • Understand the principles, practice and delivery methods of the FPA Speakeasy programme.
  • Understand portfolio based learning and the requirements of Gateway Qualifications.
  • Plan, deliver and assess a Speakeasy parents group with accredited learning.
  • Understand and practice methods of assessment that comply with the requirements of Gateway Qualifications.

Number of days 



2-3 April and 24 September 2019. You must attend all three dates.

Other Speakeasy training options

In addition to the full, accredited facilitator training we offer a range of other training options for staff on request.

Gateway Qualifications (Level three, 7 credits)

Details at a glance

This course takes place at:

Amnesty International, 17-25 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EA. 

Course time: 9.30am–4.30pm

Lunch is not provided but tea and coffee will be available.

Course dates: 2-3 April and 24 September 2019. You must attend all three dates.

Please note that this cost includes your Gateway Qualifications accreditation at level 3 but does not include the costs of the accreditation for parents and carers. There will be an additional, discounted charge (for your first group only) of £30 per parent/carer plus a portolio/certificate return fee of £15 for your group.


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