Alcohol use, sexual activity and young people

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Young people are up to three times more likely to have unprotected sex when they are drunk. Increasingly, professionals working with young people are becoming aware that young people’s alcohol use has direct links with their sexual activity.

As well as enabling easier interaction on a social level, alcohol use lowers inhibitions and sometimes causes young people to do things they would not do if they had not been drinking. Regret features largely in young people’s description of sexual activity when they have been drinking.

This course aims to look at young people’s alcohol consumption, how alcohol affects risk taking and related sexual activity. It also aims to help professionals formulate strategies to work with young people around these issues.


This course aims to enhance participants’ understanding of key issues and the links between sexual activity and alcohol use, and to increase confidence in addressing these issues with young people.


Basic sexual health and alcohol awareness.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand current research and resources around young people’s sexual activity and alcohol use.
  • Increase awareness of the links between alcohol use and sexual activity.
  • Explore values and attitudes towards risk-taking behaviour.
  • Gain practical tools to support work with young people around alcohol use and sexual activity.

Free resource

All participants on this course will be given a behaviour change resource for work with young people around risk taking.

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  • £1,100 plus trainer expenses.
  • Maximum of 12 participants.

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