Rosemary Goodchild Award for sexual health journalism

The Rosemary Goodchild Award for excellence in journalism recognises the very best articles on sexual and reproductive health.

2017 winner

Huge congratulations to our 2017 winner, Olivia Blair, for her article in Elle magazine, Actually, sex education does not cause more teenage girls to get pregnant

Highly commended was Rebecca Reid for her article in Metro, There's no such thing as a 'good' abortion.


 The other fabulous finalists were:

  • Boots says dropping the price of the morning-after pill would "incentivise inappropriate use", by Laura Silver, Buzzfeed
  • Dig deeper into the anti-abortion group given £250,000 from the Tampon Tax Fund this year and you find something dark, by Holly Baxter, Independent
  • Where is PrEP? HIV charities warn the NHS will miss its own deadline, by Patrick Strudwick, Buzzfeed
  • Can the contraceptive pill protect women from cancer? by Sarah Boseley, Guardian

About the award

The award puts particular emphasis on articles relating to sexual health education, rights or support for women of all ages.

Subjects can include:

  • relationships and sex education
  • sexual health services
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • sexual orientation and gender identity
  • sex and the law
  • pregnancy
  • contraception or abortion
  • sexualisation or exploitation

The award was established by the family of former FPA Press Officer, Rosemary Goodchild, who died of ovarian cancer in 1988.

The annual £500 prize money is awarded by the Goodchild family, who also assist in judging the award, in collaboration with FPA and a different guest judge each year.

Winning articles have discussed themes as varied as vasectomies for men and the best sex toys for women.

Who can enter?

The award is open to writers from all UK-based national and regional press, consumer magazines, trade press and professional journals.

Commissioned articles appearing as online content on UK websites will be accepted. Entries from blogs will also be accepted, but the journalist should select a single article for submission.

Articles should meet these criteria:

  • Must be factually correct.
  • Must be medically sound, if appropriate.
  • Should support the goals of charities working in these fields.
  • Must have been published between specified dates.

The 2016 winner

The winner of the 2016 Rosemary Goodchild Award was Siobhan Fenton for her article The UK's abortion shame: Northern Ireland urged to stop prosecuting women under abortion ban, which was published in The Independent.

Aasma Day, who wrote Former headteacher speaks out on equality issues to resort students and reveals...'I didn't just survive, I succeeded' was highly commended by the judges.