Talking with children aged 3-4

At this age children are aware and curious about the differences between the sexes. Often they just need the name of something and are happy with short, simple, truthful answers.

Reading them stories can be a good way of talking about different feelings and relationships.

Children may touch their genitals at this age. It’s very normal, they’re exploring their body. This is a good time to teach them what’s acceptable to do in public and private.

Questions 3–4 year olds might ask

Where do babies come from?

You could say A woman and a man (or mummy and daddy) have a special cuddle and then the baby grows inside the woman’s tummy safe and warm, until the baby is born.

How do babies get in?

You could say A man and a woman (or mummy and daddy) have a special cuddle and the man’s seed reaches a tiny egg in the mummy’s tummy.

Can men have babies?

You could say Babies only grow in a special place inside mummies' tummies. Men can’t grow babies but they have the seed that starts babies growing.