Real stories of abortion in Northern Ireland

Abortion law in Northern Ireland. Time for change.

These videos show the reality of women's lives in Northern Ireland where women do not have the same right to abortion as women in the rest of the UK.

Irene and Mary are both real women who have contacted the FPA unplanned pregnancy counselling service in Northern Ireland.

Because of the stigma surrounding abortion in Northern Ireland, we've used actors to tell their stories.

Mary's story

Told her baby was so seriously ill it wouldn't live after its birth, Mary was denied an abortion. (Captions are available)

Irene's story

Told that her pregnancy could cause her to go blind, but denied an abortion. (Captions are available)

Support the women in Northern Ireland

What you can do.

Tony Robinson“One of the most shameful political acts is that the rights of pregnant women in Northern Ireland have not been addressed. To rectify this will doubtless take courage, but to leave this wrong unattended will be an act of cowardice on the part of the entire political class.”
Tony Robinson