How we're helping women Northern Ireland

Abortion law in Northern Ireland. Time for change.

Unplanned pregnancy counselling service

FPA runs the only impartial unplanned pregnancy counselling service in Northern Ireland. Our centre in Belfast  helps hundreds of women each year.

Constantly picketed by anti-choice protestors, women have to pass through abuse and distressing imagery to get to us.

Service co-ordinator, Heather says:

“We see women from all faiths, cultures and social classes. Because abortion is such a hidden subject here, some GPs are reluctant or even obstructive about giving information about our service or anything relating to abortion.

“Some women arrive feeling they have already made their decision, others need time and information to make a decision. For many this is their first opportunity to say how they feel. We’re not here to pressurise or persuade. Our role is to enable women to explore their feelings and support them to make the choice they feel is right for them.

“Unplanned pregnancy can be a very isolating and confusing time for any woman but there are many added difficulties for Northern Irish women. For many women our service can be the only time they find someone in a crisis who’s independent but completely on their side.”

Real women, real stories

Our videos tell the stories of real women who have contacted our unplanned pregnancy counselling service.

Watch real women's storiesMary was told her baby was so seriously ill it wouldn't live after its birth and she couldn't have an abortion.

Irene's pregnancy could have caused her to go blind but she was told she couldn't have an abortion.

Janet Ellis“How can we stand by while Northern Irish women have to pay for, travel for and organise something as traumatic as an abortion. If they lived in a different part of the UK, the NHS would take care of this for them. What makes Northern Irish women deserve such harsh treatment?” Janet Ellis