Help for mums, dads and carers

Sons or daughters, four or 14 year olds, couples or single parents, we’ve got everything you need.

And don’t worry, if you’ve never spoken much to your children about relationships and sex before – we’ve got that covered too.

Puberty, sex and relationships leaflet

Download our Puberty, Relationships and Sex leaflet for parentsDownload our new leaflet for parents, Puberty, sex and relationships (PDF), or browse the wealth of information available right here on our website.

Why talking about the Facts of Life matters

When children can talk to their parents about sex and relationships, they are more ready for puberty, understand more about relationships, and are less likely to do things just because their friends are.

They're more likely to talk to you about other stuff like drugs and alcohol too.

How to get started

Help! I’ve never talked about this with them before.

How to go about it.

Talking to children of different ages

One of the questions we’re often asked by parents is “what should I tell them at what age?”

We've put together some guidance about the information children need at different ages. We’ve also got a few of the most common questions children ask, and our suggested answers.

Talking with 3–4 year olds.

Talking with 5–8 year olds.

Talking with 9–13 year olds.

Talking with teenagers.

Advice for particular situations

If you're a single parent.

If your child has a learning disability.

Talking about sex and relationships from a faith or cultural view.

Sex in the media.

Books and leaflets

FPA publishes a range of publications for parents and carers.

We also publish books specifically for parents of children with learning disabilities.

General sexual health information about contraception, STIs and pregnancy

Have the facts at your fingertips. Our help and advice pages cover what you need to know.


Sexually transmitted infections

Planning a pregnancy

Pregnancy choices


Useful links and information

Brook is a UK charity providing free and confidential sexual health advice and services specifically for young people under 25.

Parenting across Scotland is a partnership of charities providing information and support to parents and families in Scotland.

YouthNet is a UK youth charity providing frank and unbiased information to enable young people to make informed choices.