Health and parenting professionals

The Facts of Life campaign is targeted at parents of children in the 4–14 age range.

It offers advice and encouragement to help them handle those important conversations about relationships, puberty and sex with confidence.

Why do we need the Facts of Life campaign?

We know from experience that many parents find it difficult to talk comfortably and with authority to their children about sex and relationships.

There can be a lot of embarrassment about the subject. Parents can also struggle with talking about it in relation to religious and cultural issues.

Typically, parents will be unsure when to start talking to their children about growing up and what it is appropriate to tell them at what age.

We know they worry about what their children are being exposed to on the internet, how to dispel playground myths about sex, whether teenage children are being pressured into sexual relationships too early and how to help their children cope with increasing pressures from media and advertising.

How can FPA help?

We offer resources and experience to back up parents and give them the confidence and information to talk to their children about the facts of life.

We publish a range of books and leaflets for parents, carers and health professionals as well as books specifically for parents of children with learning disabilities.

We also run the award-winning Speakeasy programme which has helped 12,000 parents across the UK talk sensibly about sex and growing up.

How can professionals get involved?

You can download our free campaign materials below.

Our leaflet for parentsOur Briefing will arm you with information about the campaign, while our leaflet for parents will help you support them talking to their children about the Facts of Life.

Briefing for professionals

Professional briefing: Helping parents talk to their children (PDF)

Leaflet for parents

Parent leaflet: Puberty, sex and relationships (PDF)

Campaign poster

Puberty, sex and relationships poster (PDF)