Facts of life

Talking to your children about puberty, relationships and sex

Sexual Health Week 2011, 12–18 September

At FPA we know that talking to your children about growing up, relationships and sex can be tough.

Some parents find it easy. But many mums and dads don’t. What should I tell them at this age? Will I know the answer? I’m embarrassed to talk about it. Worries can stop you from talking at all, or you answer a few questions but don't know how to carry on.

Sound familiar? Then you’re in the right place. At FPA we want to give mums and dads across the UK the confidence and information to talk to their children about the facts of life.

Watch our video

At an FPA parenting event we asked some mums to tell us what their children have said about sex and relationships to them.

Help for mums, dads and carers

Download our Puberty, Relationships and Sex leaflet for parents (opens in new window)We have a whole host of tips and advice to help you talk to your children including our new Puberty, relationships and sex leaflet.

Talking about puberty, relationships, sex (and everything else that goes with it) doesn’t have to be difficult. With a bit of help it can be easy.

Your child will get the facts not the myths, you’ll build trust and communication together, and you’ll become the first person your child goes to for advice and information.

And with your help, they’ll know how to look after themselves and their sexual health too.

Why FPA?

We have lots of experience helping parents get to grips with growing up. Among other things, we’ve written a book for parents and carers and we run the award-winning Speakeasy programme which has helped 12,000 parents to talk to their children about sex and relationships.

Briefing for professionals

If you're a healthcare professional or you work with parents and you want to get involved with Sexual Health Week 2011 then visit Facts of Life for parenting professionals.

There is a briefing for professionals about the campaign and you can download leaflets for parents and campaign posters.