Nutriprompt – an app to help you plan for pregnancy

The importance of good nutrition before pregnancy is an area that often gets overlooked.

Nutriprompt screenshotFPA has teamed up with Manchester Metropolitan University to bring you the NutripromptTM iPhone app. The app helps you to monitor your dietary and lifestyle habits in the run up to pregnancy. It gives friendly advice helping to boost fertility and prepare the body for pregnancy.

Once you've set your app it will give you useful nutrition reminders on a daily basis – at a time to suit you. Each message also has a ‘delve deeper’ section where more information and related web links are available. Reminders will be sent daily over a total of 12 weeks, which can be reset at the end if you choose.

So, download nutripromptTM and start receiving your useful reminders, developed with the intention of giving you the best possible start to your pregnancy.

Available from the App Store


Nutriprompt prompts screen

  • Daily friendly messages/nutrition prompts.
  • Information that is accurate and evidence-based.
  • Ability to retrieve previous advice/nutrition prompts.
  • ‘Delve deeper’ information which helps you to find out more.
  • No monthly subscription fee (unlike some iPhone apps).
  • No internet connection required to access the nutrition prompts.
  • Takes very little of your iPhone memory.

Who's behind the app?

NutripromptTM was developed by Dr Emma Derbyshire, Senior Lecturer in Nutritional Physiology at Manchester Metropolitan University, in conjunction with DigitalLabs@mmu. FPA acted as a consultant.