14th September, 2015

FPA has launched its annual awareness campaign Sexual Health Week, which will run until Sunday (20 September).

The theme for the 2015 campaign is sexual pleasure and wellbeing, an area of sexual health that is often overlooked and in which many health professionals do not have specific training, but can be integral to people’s health and wellbeing.

FPA’s Chief Executive, Natika H Halil, said: “Many people don’t associate sexual pleasure with sexual health, but it is absolutely central.

"We seem to forget that most sex takes place for reasons of pleasure, intimacy and desire, rather than just reproduction.

“As well as being pleasurable, an active sex life is a good form of exercise, reduces stress, aids relaxation and sleep, is a good pain reliever and keeps the prostate gland and genitals healthy.

“Yet even in 2015 there are still topics which are considered taboo – female masturbation, sex toys for men, sexual pleasure for people with learning disabilities, and enjoying sex into older age. These are not things which should make us embarrassed, and especially not guilty or ashamed.

“Sexual Health Week this year is all about breaking down barriers, opening up mature and sensible conversations, and helping people to take care of their sexual health and wellbeing in a more holistic way.”

FPA has expert tips and a briefing for sexual health professionals, as well as information and advice for men and women of all ages, on its Sexual Health Week page.

During the week, different topics under the spotlight include education, pleasure for older people, people with learning disabilties, separating fantasy from reality, and the importance of communication.



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