The Middle-age Spread – Information for professionals

The Middle-age Spread campaign was the first sexual health campaign in the UK targeted specifically at people over 50, alerting them to sexually transmitted infections.

Why do we need the campaign?

Sexual Health Week 2010 posterThe Middle-age Spread campaign has been prompted by rising levels of sexually transmitted infections among older people in the last few years. Health Protection Agency data shows that STIs are rising in 45–64 year olds.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain found that almost 20 per cent of people aged 45–54 said they had unprotected sex with someone other than a long-term partner. And a survey of sexually active people over 50 by Saga found that one in ten are not using condoms.

With more long-term relationships breaking up than ever before, older men and women are returning to the dating scene but in many cases ignoring safer sex messages and assuming warnings are aimed only at young people.

How professionals can get involved

Download Professional briefing: sexually transmitted infections in people over 50 (PDF)