Skydive and parachute jump

Skydiving is one of the most exhilarating ways you can help us raise vital funds!

We're here to inform, educate and support people on good sexual health. But we need your help to continue our work and reach even more people.

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What types of jump are available?

  • Tandem A freefall jump from 10,000 feet attached to an instructor.
  • Accelerated freefall For more adventurous types, this is a freefall jump from 10,000 feet on your own.
  • Static line A static line jump from 3,000 feet on your own.

Do I need previous experience?

No experience is necessary as all training is provided on site on the day.

Where and when can I do my jump?

There are over 20 British Parachute Association approved centres across the UK so you can choose the one closest to you. Many of the centres are open seven days a week throughout the year so you can jump on a date that suits you.

Will I have to pay?

As long as you can raise the minimum amount of sponsorship for FPA you can jump for FREE. For a tandem skydive you'll need to raise £395 to jump for free. Static line jumps require just £360 of sponsorship, but accelerated freefall jumps require more.

FPA receives a minimum of £140 from every jump but every single £1 you raise over the minimum goes to FPA so we ask you to try and raise as much as you possibly can.

We can offer you lots of support and advice on fundraising.

More information

You can book your jump online now, but if you would like more information before booking or have any queries just contact our fundraising team at

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