Running events

Jo ran the London Marathon 2016!

Jo () took on the 2016 London Marathon for FPA. He finished in 5 hours 11 minutes and raised over £1,800 – an amazing achievement!

13 April: Running up that hill

Jo at the summitJo in actionFirstly THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far I am really chuffed with the response to me taking this on. I have been training really hard and have got my mileage up to 21 miles (which as you may know is not FLAT miles as they are impossible to find in North Wales).

I am starting to taper my training down now to, hopefully, put in a good performance on the day. I'm not going to be fast but am determined to finish.

Once again, THANK YOU your money does make a difference and does help people in real terms. Please continue to spread the word about FPA and if you feel like sharing my fundraising page... all the better!

15 March: Marathon training “hard”?

So, the last few weeks I’ve been upping my training. This last week I ran over 40 miles and also did a bit of exercise bike and swimming…

I occasionally find myself thinking “it’s hard”… My tactic in those moments when I find it all a bit much is to think of things it’s NOT as hard as that FPA offer support on or do work about. So...

  • Waking up early on a Monday morning and running 16 miles is not as hard as waking up on Monday morning unintentionally pregnant because your contraception method wasn’t the right choice for you. FPA developed My Contraception Tool to help people choose a method that suits their preferences and lifestyle.
  • It’s not as hard as being young person who is vulnerable having never been taught about touch, consent and public and private behaviour.  FPA tackles this through projects such as Jiwsi and resources like All About Us.
  • It’s not as hard as waking up to another day filled with stigma and discrimination because of your HIV status. FPA ran the 2015 People Living With HIV Stigma Index.
  • It’s not as hard as needing to travel to another country to access a legal abortion. This the reality for women in Northern Ireland (and, due to limited services, often the case in parts of Wales and Scotland). FPA fights for all women's reproductive rights.
  • It’s maybe not even as hard as waking up on Monday morning as an under-resourced professional expected to deliver a comprehensive sex education session to a group of young people. FPA supports professionals with a range of expert resources.

Please continue to support FPA to do this vital work.

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Other running events

Run for Team FPA at any running event around the UK.

Whether it's 5K or a full marathon, if you have a place in a running event you can help us raise money to keep informing, advising and supporting people about sexual health and wellbeing.

For more information on running for FPA contact our fundraising team – email

Thank you!

A HUGE thank you to our wonderful target-smashing fundraisers:

  • the spectacular Hannah and Charlotte who both ran 10km through cold and wet, dressed as Santa, raising over £200
  • The amazing Amanda took on the Virgin London Marathon 2013 and raised over £1,000
  • the wonderful EllaOne Girl, Verity, who ran the 5km Superhero Run, raising over £400
  • the fabulous Cathryn Brown who ran the Chester Half Marathon and raised over £150.

Santas in the park