Fundraising at work

Supporting FPA shows that your organisation cares about health issues that affect everyone, as well as valuing equality, healthy relationships and being open about sex and sexuality.

There are lots of ways you can support FPA at work.

Support us at Christmas

Why not make a donation to FPA instead of sending cards this Christmas, or organise a fundraising challenge as part of your Christmas party.

Charity of the year

Make us your Charity of the Year. We'll work with you throughout the year to come up with fundraising ideas and activites.

Matched contributions

If an employee raises money doing a sponsored event, many companies then match it. Matched giving can demonstrate that a company is community minded and can be used to enhance company image, showing the caring side of business to the community, employees and shareholders. Matched giving can develop into a longer relationship or partnership with FPA that helps both us and you.

Payroll giving (GAYE)

The payroll giving or GAYE (Give As You Earn) scheme is the simplest tax-free way for individuals to donate directly to FPA. Employees decide how much they would like to donate to FPA and your Accounts Department sets up the payment. It is then deducted automatically from the employee's gross pay or pension before income tax.

This form of giving really makes a difference to planning our future activities because we receive the money on a monthly basis. Many organisations have a £-for-£ scheme, some even a £2-for-£1 scheme, where they will match or double the amount the individual pledges.

A company's charitable donations are tax deductible so why not give the money to us instead of the taxman? Simply fill in the FPA payroll giving form.

Posters on staff notice boards

We can send you posters and other materials to raise awareness about sexual health issues and the work of FPA.

Further information

To get your involved contact:
FPA Fundraising Team
23–28 Penn Street
London N1 5DL