The New Man

Contraceptive Awareness Week 2008

Our 2008 campaign – The New Man – focused on men's use and knowledge of contraception. We examined men’s attitudes to contraception, got some of the basics about contraception out there and encouraged men to get more involved in their own reproductive decision making.

We know that men are interested in contraception. But they have their own set of issues when it comes to sexual health. Men don't have as many methods to choose from as women (at the moment there are two male methods – condoms and sterilisation). Some men might think contraception is a bit of a ‘girly’ subject, putting them off it. We also know from men who call the FPA helpline that they just don’t know enough about contraception and how the different methods work.

Some may say there's no point including men. Contraception is a woman’s issue.

Of course it is! But there’s more to it than just focusing on the ladies. If men don’t know about contraception, how can they understand the options and make decisions about preventing pregnancy? And besides, how can they impress women with their encyclopaedic knowledge of all things contraceptive if they don't know their patch from their pill?

Research also shows that men and women who don’t communicate about contraception are less likely to use it.

Contraceptive Awareness Week 2008 posters

Contraceptive Awareness Week 2008 poster

Contraceptive Awareness Week 2008 poster