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There are around 15 different methods of contraception. In addition to the daily methods like the Pill, weekly methods like the patch, and methods used monthly such as the vaginal ring, there are also long-acting reversible contraception options - known as 'LARCs’.

LARCs are methods you do not have to think about every day or every time you have sex. Their contraceptive effect is reversible after stopping or removing the method.

The Love, Life and LARCs campaign aims to raise awareness of the different LARC methods available to you:

It’s important that you choose the method of contraception that suits you.

To get advice and more information on your contraceptive choices speak with your doctor or nurse, alternatively you can visit your local family planning or contraception clinic.

Love, Life and LARCs has been developed by MSD in collaboration with FPA. The campaign is funded by MSD. MSD has had no editorial input and accepts no responsibility for content on the FPA website other than the information above relating to the Love, Life and LARCs campaign.

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Date of preparation September 2013