Time for Change press releases

Abortion law in Northern Ireland. Time for change.

We've done a lot more to fight for women's rights since 2010. Updates coming soon.

16 December 2010 – FPA reacts to European Court ruling on Irish abortion ban
Ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that the Republic of Ireland had violated the rights of a woman who was forced to travel to England to obtain an abortion.

7 October 2010 – Historical first as all-Ireland abortion conference opens in County Down
Conference a joint initiative by FPA  and the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA).

26 May 2010 – Liberalise the abortion law in Northern Ireland say over half of the country’s practising gynaecologists
68% agree abortion should be legal when the woman has been raped and 73% wanted free abortions for Northern Ireland women.

25 November 2009 – UK Government must pay Northern Ireland’s annual 1 million pound bill for women forced into private abortions says FPA
FPA says the UK Government should pay for women in Northern Ireland to travel to England to have an abortion.

15 June 2009 – FPA hosts film premier on abortion in Northern Ireland
‘Discrimination and Denial: Abortion Law in Northern Ireland’ has its premiere.

20 March 2009 – FPA reacts to new Departmental guidance on abortion in Northern Ireland
New guidance document on abortion services.

2 January 2009 – FPA reacts to new abortion figures in Northern Ireland
New abortion statistics show a rise in the number of women travelling from Northern Ireland to Great Britain for an abortion.

17 December 2008 – FPA in Northern Ireland responds to Human Rights Commission report omission of reproductive rights
FPA says it is unacceptable that the NIHRC ignored the reproductive rights of women in Northern Ireland and have chosen to sidestep the issue by passing responsibility on to the CEDAW committee.

10 October 2008 – Twenty first anniversary of historic ruling to extend abortion to Northern Ireland
FPA statement 21 years after International Tribunal findings announced.

20 October 2008 – FPA survey confirms public support for abortion in Northern Ireland
62% of Northern Irish people believe that abortion should be legal in cases of rape and incest.

31 July 2008 – UN concludes that abortion should be available in Northern Ireland
FPA welcomes the investigation findings by the United Nations Committee on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

28 July 2003 – FPA appeals against result of judicial review of abortion services in Northern Ireland

7 July 2003 – FPA considers appeal against outcome of judicial review of abortion services in Northern Ireland

20 March 2002 – FPA challenges Department of Health to issue guidelines on medical practices relating to abortion and the provision of abortion services in Northern Ireland

5 December 2001 – Date set for the first judicial review of abortion provision in Northern Ireland

13 June 2001 – FPA wins the right to the first full Judicial Review of abortion provision in Northern Ireland

9 May 2001 – FPA goes to the High Court in fight for equal rights to abortion for ALL women of Northern Ireland