5 good reasons to masturbate today

5 April 2015 

Masturbation has had a bad press over the years. Even now, there are all sorts of myths about what might happen if you do it.

But masturbation is not harmful and, what's more, it can help you feel good about yourself. You can also feel good about yourself and your sexuality without masturbating, of course, but if you’re looking for good reasons to masturbate then read on.

You can find out what you or a partner enjoy

There is no right or wrong way to masturbate. When you’re masturbating on your own, it's all about you and what gives you pleasure. If you’re hesitant to tell a partner some of the things you enjoy, or you just want to experiment, masturbation is a chance to really explore your body and what makes you feel good.

If you’re mutually masturbating with your partner(s) then it's a great opportunity to give pleasure to each other and enhance the sexual, physical and emotional connection between you. It can be very sexy to watch a partner masturbate and this gives you the chance to see what turns them on too.

No planning required

Providing you are in an appropriate setting, that is a private not a public place, you can masturbate any time the mood takes you and for as long, or as short, as you want to – and you can do it with no forward planning involved.

It's the ultimate safer sex

If you're masturbating on your own then you're not at risk of pregnancy or a partner giving you a sexually transmitted infection so it is one of the safest sexual activities that you can do.

It helps you to stay feeling sexy

If you are finding it physically or emotionally difficult to have sex with someone else, or you just don't have a sexual partner at the moment, then masturbating can help you keep your interest in sex alive since everyone has a sexuality and each person can choose to express this in different ways.

If you've decided to be celibate or have a break from sex with other people for a while then masturbation can still provide you with a sexy turn on whenever you like.

You're continuing a great tradition

And finally, by masturbating, you are continuing in a historical tradition that has lasted throughout the ages. There are some representations of both female and male masturbation in prehistoric rock paintings all around the world so you will be following the pleasurable practices of our ancestors.

No one should try to make you worry or feel guilty about masturbating so give them a history lesson if they try to tell you it’s wrong.